I am sorry that I have not posted on the blog recently, I have not had an Internet connection. All sorted now so I will be posting some more of my scribbling on Saturday.
Thank you for your patience. XX


4 thoughts on “Apology

  1. I Have been reading your stories ,I hav a twelve year old son with autism .I have read with great intrest you and your son sound amazing .love to hear more .kind regards meg xx

    • Hi Meg thank you for your comments, I am glad you are enjoying the blog.As you well know life is very different in the autistic world and it can have an enormous effect on family life. For many years we encountered some harsh challenges; it took a lot of hard work from his wonderful teachers at school and latterly from Wirral Autistic Society, for John to develop and mature into the fine young man he is today.Getting the right support is the single most important thing if our children are to have a chance.
      John still needs one to one support but is a much calmer and happier person than I could ever have hoped for.This blog is a celebration of the good times.
      I hope you continue to enjoy reading about us and I wish you all the best with your lovely boy. Please feel free to add me as a friend on fb or follow me on twitter.
      Thanks again for your support.xx

    • Thanks Anette I am so glad you are enjoying my writing. You sound as if you and your son have had some tough challenges too. I hope that things are improving for you and that your sons health remains good. I know that Downs people can be predisposed to other health issues ,which just makes everything even harder.
      His dad will definitely be keeping watch over him from his place in the moon, how lovely!
      I hope too that you too have support as this is most important. Life without our lovely husbands and partners can be lonely.
      Take care and all good wishes to you both. Xxxx

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