Sweet Dreams John.


This was taken at 11p.m on Saturday night. John was falling asleep in his usual way.
Headphones on with dance music pumping in his ears all night, his favourite picture on his head and others scattered on his pillow incase he wants to change them around in the wee small hours.
A Penguin Slide game playing its loud and irritating tune (to me but not to John obviously!).
A cot mobile wound up playing under the duvet, his ABC toy playing the ABC song on constant replay, and his Christmas Candle Bridge flickering gently on his bedside cupboard.

I creep in and turn the candles, the penguins and the ABC off once he is in a deep sleep so that I can get some sleep too!

Night night John.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams John.

  1. I really really love the photo-and the tale about John’s unconditional acceptance of people-we can all learn a lot from him-I certainly can .Thanks Julie

  2. A bit of a long winded ritual for you at bedtime, arranging photos, winding up toys and then turning everything off again. But I think its simply lovely. JohnElmo makes me smile. 🙂 xxxx

    • I don’t have to wind all the toys up thank goodness, he does it all. However if he isn’t fully asleep he knows I am turning them off and he is then wide awake in an instant!! Xx

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