It is three weeks since John and I were involved in a car crash, we have both been struggling a bit coming to terms with what happened and with the after effects both physical and mental.

On Friday John was waiting for me, peeping through the glass door as I drew up outside Nelsons Croft in the hire car. A very nice Seat Leon. He was obviously waiting to make sure that a) I did indeed have a car and B) that it was Black and cool like our original Golf TDi. Continuity = security to John.

He has been fretting about the car since it was written off, in his mind no car meant no Abersoch and no amount of reassurance from me was going to work. He had to see it for himself.
He gave it a double thumbs up, Abersoch was clearly still on the agenda. He slapped his head, grabbed his crotch and walked off leaving me on the outside looking in.
‘John!’ I yelled, banging on the door like the Drug Squad ‘c’mon let me in so I can check your gear’

‘Mummy’ Said John as I walked through the door and into his tongue, he licked my cheek with an extra helping of moisty exuberance.
‘Yes John’ I replied blowing an impressive raspberry on his cheek.
‘BANG!’ shouted John, making me jump.
‘What the fff….’ I stuttered regaining my composure.
‘BANG!’ Obliged John once again, right down my ear.
‘Bang what John? ‘ Its not bonfire night until November’
John calls bonfire night ‘Bang’ due to the fact that James and Adam always manage to buy him the loudest fireworks that shake the house and he loves it.

In an attempt to put the forthcoming summer’s events into an order John could understand I listed all of the special days he has lined up over the months leading up to Bonfire Night.
‘ John listen’ I pleaded as he was busying himself sorting his videos out to bring home and yeehaaaing every time he threw one on the bed.
‘ Abersoch in 14 sleeps, ok?’
‘ Then you are going on the ‘S’ boat twice for a look around, ok?’
‘ Then in September you are off on the Eye O Man boat to the Eye O Man, yes?’
‘ Right then, all that is going to happen before Bonfire Night, ok?’
‘BANG! Shouted John shaking his head wildly.

‘Yes John’ I said ‘All of those things will happen before Bonfire Night and then lots of BANGS!’
John continued shaking his head.
‘Man, car, Mummy Johnelmo BANG! No Webskirtee ‘BANG!’

It all became clear, he was talking about the collision and not Bonfire Night. He must be worrying about it happening again and he was trying to communicate his anxiety to me.
There’s me happily telling him that after a summer of treats and outings there would be lots of car crashes to look forward to.
You couldn’t make it up, this was going to take an awful lot of cake to put right!


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