Christmas With Knobs On

I was asked to reblog this post from last year, hope you enjoy it 2nd time around.

Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind

Yesterday John decided that he wanted to take his video camera with him on our morning excursion, I was filled with trepidation… would the miserable man in the electrical shop take to this new development? It could quite possibly tip him over the edge. He already thinks I fancy him and that I use John as an excuse to get up close and personal. Will he now assume that I have a cunning plan to secretly film him, thereby quenching my burning desire….oh dear god.

I tried bribing John with the promise of sweets, cakes and all manner of tempting treats if he left the camera at home, but alas he was a man on a mission. It was like Peter Jackson’s quest to film ‘The Hobbit’, he was single minded, totally focused and I knew somewhere along the way Gollum would turn up.

On the train John filmed the…

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