Turkey Troubles

I thought I would re blog this post from last year, hope it brings you some Christmas chuckles. Happy Christmas and thank you for continuing to read my scribblings.

Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind

A while ago John left his camcorder on a late night train, sadly it was not handed in and John learnt a hard but valuable lesson. Always make sure you never leave anything behind! John now gets manic if there is anything left on the back seat of the car when we go out.
I am telling you this by way of an explanation as to why yesterday John, me and a frozen turkey boarded the train for our Saturday jaunt.

I planned to take the turkey to my cousin’s house once John and I had been out and about on the train. It was wrapped in a Sainsbury’s bag and an M&S bag as an extra safety measure. I had taken it out of the freezer a couple of hours prior to leaving the house as it was to be cooked on Christmas Eve. I put it behind the…

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