Reflections Of A Miracle

I am re blogging this post For those of you who are new to John’s story; it will explain all you need to know about my gorgeous boys struggle to survive his first two years of life.

Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind

I have been thinking, which is always dangerous, that I should tell the story of John’s journey in the hope of showing how he arrived at where he is today. It’s a very long journey so you may want to get a cup of tea or coffee and some Hob Nobs and fasten your seat belt. No journey is ever straight forward and we encounter many difficult paths along the way, however some of us seem to encounter more ‘dead ends, one way systems and pot holes than others.

Just when the road ahead looks clear, Boom! An unexpected sharp bend, and we find ourselves teetering on the edge of an abyss with seemingly no way forward and no way back. Just a vast wilderness above and below, which we know with inevitably we will have to launch ourselves into, without a parachute or a guide book or a safety…

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