Christmas 2014

John was understandably excited when I collected him from Nelsons Croft to spend Christmas at home. As you know by now, when he is excited he finds everything hilarious and can barely breathe for giggling. He was running around the house like a dervish when I walked in, laughing, clapping and slapping himself on the head without ever missing a beat.
All his goods and chattels were packed ready and he had a huge bag of presents from the staff to go under his Christmas tree. A few years ago it would have been difficult to prevent him from jumping into the boot with the presents so that he could open them on his journey home. Thankfully he is more mature now and just feels it necessary to tell me at three minute intervals, exactly how many presents are in the bag.

” Teh pesans, yes ok!” he squealed, helpless with mirth as we heaved the big Father Christmas bag into the car. “Teh!” he giggled down my ear, getting me in a festive headlock so I didn’t miss him pointing at the bag.

“Yes alright John” I wheezed trying to prise his arm from around my throat “I can see the bag and the presents, so get off my neck there’s a good boy” Fortunately just as the pressure behind my eyes rose to dangerous levels John let go and jumped into the car.
When the flashing lights stopped and my vision cleared I drove us home. We sang “Dig dog oh hi” as John calls it and at the end of each very long ‘Gloria’ he leant over and yelled “Teh Pesans” down my ear, guffawing loudly out of the ever open car window while I shivered and froze…..such fun, as Miranda would say.

We stopped as always at our local Sainsbury’s for sweets. John now likes to get out of the car and stand outside by the sliding doors, jumping up and down, slapping and yelling as they go back and forth. I forget how odd he must look because I am used to him, he always draws a crowd, some sharing in his obvious delight while others just staring……you get used to that too and besides it was Christmas, not really the time of year to punch a rude person. John wanted everyone to know how many presents were in the big Father Christmas bag but not everyone quite understood what he was saying. I had to agree with one rather ‘refreshed’ gentleman who had obviously just fallen out of pub across the road, that it did indeed sound as if John had a bag of peasants in the car.
After much chortling the drunk and John shared a bear hug, it was probably a bit longer and tighter than the drunk anticipated and as John let him go he tried to enter the shop by the exit door and walked smack into the glass with a loud bang. John thought it was hilarious and shouted ‘More bang, peas, more bang’ meaning he wanted him to do it again. Dazed and confused the drunk tottered around looking for the right door, seizing the opportunity John and I made our escape.

One of John’s great joys at Christmas is to trawl around the neighbourhood admiring the fairy lights in peoples windows. Over the years we have been mistaken for nocturnal owl watchers, drunkards and even intruders.
I have to admit that the police were very understanding when I explained that as the house appeared to be in complete darkness except for the candle bridge beautifully lit in the window, I had assumed the owners of the property were out, otherwise John and I would not have stood in the driveway staring through the front window for twenty minutes. I told them by way of explanation that John loves candle bridges and has three of his own in his bedroom which are lit up all year round! We hadn’t meant any harm and yes of course I understood completely that old Mrs Johnson, widowed and living alone must have been terrified. I promised never to do it again, at least not at the widow Johnson’s house, and only from a respectable distance. We have kept our promise….well sort of!

Christmas eve and Christmas day consisted of no sleep( John and me) lots and lots of presents (John) and lots and lots of wine (Me) It was as always a wonderful day and I wouldn’t change it for the world. John looks forward to it all year round and he keeps the magic of Christmas alive.
Nearly everything that John received either sang, spoke, played a loud tune or did all three at once. Dad took his hearing aids out and I relied on my tinnitus to drown out the din.

Wishing a happy and healthy New year to you all, have fun, love eachother and stay safe in 2015 xx


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. Hi Julie me and Barry read this in bed ,me myself has a typical Edge sence of humour laughed all the way through your adventures with Jon fantastic it’s great that you can laugh along ìts great to read such loving funny memories you and John share your a fabulous mother to John and don’t take life so serious enjoy all your ğreat adventures Julie and keep having fun your a one in a million mother keep like you are and never change I have so much respect for you lots of love and hugs happy new year Maria and Barry xxxxx 😀 ps send my love to uncle Keith love you so much xxxxx 😀

    • Thank you for your wonderful words Maria, I am glad you and your gorgeous husband enjoy reading about John. I try to show the positive side to autism but have also talked about the difficult times before we had such wonderful support from his Schools and Wirral Autistic Society.
      There are a lot of families who will be struggling, as we did, who I hope after reading the blog will feel less alone and more positive about the future.
      Happy new year to you both, I am so glad your fairy tale continues to be magical in every way.
      I will pass on your love to dad and we send all ours to you.
      Thank you for your support xxxxx

  2. Julie – it was a great read. John comes across as a person full of life and energy and happiness. We can all benefit with more of that in the world.

    • Thanks Duncan, he certainly is full of life. He finds it challenging at times but is better at coping now he has matured. The post that talks about our difficulties and the reason we had to make the decision to place John in residential care is Called ‘Crying is all right ……”
      It is a very emotional post but I had to include it in the blog as it proves that things can get better with the right support. X

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