Never Say Never

I haven’t had time to post for a while so here is what John was up to this time last year! I hope you enjoy it.

Close Encounters of the Autistic Kind

I am not sure if John will ever forgive me for not getting him a goat. He didn’t speak to me when he came home to find he was goatless in spite of his heartfelt requests. He slouched about moaning, groaning and shooting me sideways glances under his lashes, absolutely refusing to look me in the eye.
‘No goat, no goat’ he chanted all weekend, even refusing to have a look inside the shed. He hid his eyes every time he walked past it, it was just too painful a reminder of what might have been had I not been such a selfish, thoughtless mum.
My report that weekend clearly stated ‘Could do better’.

In my defence I never once said it was even a remote possibility. I was however in the minority. After my last blog post everyone who knows John either phoned, text, emailed or facebooked me to…

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